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Here's A Sneak Peak Inside My NEW YOU Challenge 2022

Ready To Join Me For Our Next 28-Day Challenge?

This Will Be Our Best Challenge Yet (yours AND mine)! And, If You Want A Stronger Body, More Toned Midsection, Drop The Holiday Weight & The Support From An Amazing Community...Then This Challenge Is For YOU!

It's Time To Get Ready for 2022 - The Next Level

And My 28-Day Challenge Will Help You Do Just That!

Let’s be honest here, with this crazy pandemic world we are living in; this holidays might even be the first time you will see your family  and have quality time with them since the pandemic started.  We bond over food, time spent together, so cherish those moments, it is ok –  pandemic has taught us that the most important things are FAMILY AND HEALTH.

This is why I decided to do this challenge. Because, just like you I love to enjoy life, make memories with  family and friends, eat yummy food ( Weight gain during this time of year is almost inevitable) But also I like to look good in the mirror and feel good with myself . So now it’s time to put some work in and focus on our health.

I want to share with you my new, simple, and flexible approach to losing the holidays weight and getting the fit body you’ve always wanted, that body you always said you were going to get but “Something”  an excuse,  always got in the way! This challenge will be how we start the New Year right on track!

What will you get ?

starting Jan 24th

  • Fully detailed hybrid workout program beginners and intermediate.

  • 3 day body and mind reset Natural body and mind detox to eliminate toxins we have accumulated through the holidays, boost your gut health and reduce inflammation.

  • Real food meal plan ntermediate to follow that's designed to help you get your best results, and show you how to eat for YOUR body and YOUR goals.

  • Weekly LIVE calls with Me so that we can check in and make sure you are getting your best results. Each week, I will be doing LIVE calls with you to make 100% sure you are making progress!

Not only will you see FAST RESULTS, you will see LASTING results and have something you can easily stick to.

You see, it generally takes 21-30 days to develop a habit. And the very first step in developing that habit is through commitment to a challenge. Why? Because THIS CHALLENGE offers the SUPPORT you need to get the results you want. But why else?

Think of it like when you book a trip or vacation, you book the date, you book your flight (best prices the earlier you book it and more time to prepare) and with those 2 steps you already committed and that is already 50% of the work!

By committing to this challenge, RIGHT NOW, you are already setting yourself up for the New Year (2022) at the lowest price (over 51% off) You are already halfway there! AND best of all, you can now have the best Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Season, EVER – GUILT FREE!

What I am sharing with you is so important, because with this challenge we can finally break that yearly cycle. There is a science and logical reason why we gain weight during the holidays and I have the science to losing the weight and getting in the best shape of your life...CELEBRITY CERTIFIED...just take a look below…

My brand NEW Break The Cycle Challenge is  Starting Jan 24th! 

Challenge registration closes in:


And, One Last Thing...I Can Guarantee Your Results!

Like I mentioned, and if you have been following me on my social media @dianamaux, I have coached and trained celebrities one-on-one in the past, I train and coach myself on a daily basis but nothing is going to compare to this challenge! I say that because I am going the extra mile and providing more support than ever before! 

On top of that...

I am going to guarantee your results!

If you follow the workouts I give you and the meal guide I provide you with, you will succeed. But...If for some reason you don't see the results you want, simply email me and I will refund your money immediately.