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Diana Who?!

diana maux about me

Diana Who??

Straight outta Colombia!  Diana was an overweight child and walked around with a target on her back! The constant bullying made her very shy which led to suffering from eating disorders. However that rough childhood fueled her and built her foundation to help others.

Not just a beautiful soul;
Personal Trainer, Fitness Guru, Chef (Yes, there are still people out there who cook!) and “Strong by Zumba” Instructor (I mean come on, she loves to dance!)

Wheres the proof?!
Diana competed in a NPC Bikini Show which really pushed the limits.
Maux Training has developed through her knowledge in different physical disciplines, training methods and goals to transform lives along the way.  She strives to share her vision and knowledge of fitness with others. She also continues focusing on developing a better self and improving the quality of life from within - Unconditional Self Love, Nutrition and Training.

Its not ALL about fitness!  
Not only is she an expert in her field,  but also part of a foundation for the development of vulnerable communities in her home country Colombia.

We only have one life, and the time is now!

Challenge yourself!